About Us

With a signature style that transcends trends and age groups, Tengdahl is amongst the few truly Australian-made luxury labels. By using exquisite and unique textiles and impeccable craftsmanship, Tengdahl strives to honour ethical and responsible fashion, and is a proud advocate of the slow fashion movement.

Julie collaborates with artisans around the world to source the finest sustainable fabrics and finishings, before bringing them back to her workroom in Brisbane to be meticulously crafted into beautiful garments by her small team of dressmakers.

The locality of our workroom and small team allows Tengdahl to strive as a demi-couture label - producing limited editions of hand crafted, quality garments and custom designing these pieces for our clients. Each garment is produced with the same level of care as the next, and all pieces undergo thorough quality control before arriving in our two boutique stores. The Tengdahl team values our close relationships with our clients both in Australia and abroad, to provide the best possible service to every customer within our retail and online stores.

Julie Tengdahl has won 12 awards for excellence in design and manufacturing, staying true to her label's founding philosophy: that a garment's true beauty lies in high quality fabrics, longevity and simplicity of form. The Tengdahl woman is feminine, confident and values authenticity. She appreciates luxury, but also wants functionality and wearability. Above all, Tengdahl’s primary goal is to make women shine.

About Julie Tengdahl

As a child my most treasured possession was a glory box filled with beaded lace, silks and fabrics; at the age of 16 I began studying fashion, and started my career in London.

When I returned to Brisbane, its fashion industry was in its infant stages, and there weren't many career opportunities. I loved sport, so I took a job as an aerobics instructor, and soon began designing fitness wear. This lead me to team with a business partner to open my first label, Principles, in the early 1990's.

In 1996 I bought out my partner and the label became known as Tengdahl. In the decades since, I've had stores in Sydney, Brisbane Arcade, Indooroopilly, Carindale and Emporium - as well as stocking in David Jones across Australia. The balance I now have between the shop floor, workroom and desk is a perfect fit for me.

It is rare to make a living from designing fashion for over 30 years, and to still be here to see the daughters of my first clients now buying the label is the ultimate reward.

Our clients span generations, countries and walks of life; I am so glad to now bring the label to your door through our new e-boutique.

Julie x


Sophie Hallette, the world's oldest lace mill

Founded 120 years ago by Eugene Hallette, the Caudry-based lace mill in France is the world's oldest lace manufacturer. Sophie Hallette has been commissioned by fashion houses such as Chanel, Dior and Alexander McQueen, and has come to represent the pinacle of lace manufacturing. Combining its rich tradition and expertise with modern methods of production, the lace house holds true to its artistic craftsmanship, with post-production quality checks taking up to 15 hours of meticulous examination a single piece of lace.

New Zealand Light Leathers, the world's only farmed deer leather specialist

Located in the small South Cantebury town of Timaru - one of the most breathtakingly green places on earth - New Zealand Light Leathers are deer leather specialists. Since 1973 they have been working with the world’s leading luxury fashion houses supplying the finest deer leather.Each deer hide meets the highest standards of quality and consistency, ensuring each garment created from the resulting leather is of exceptional beauty and longevity. Their team of expert tanners and technicians craft each skin through more than 30 steps.