Amazing Women - Denise

About Denise

Grandmother, Mum and Business Owner where I inspire, motivate and collaborate to connect a highly qualified team with our valued clients in the Beauty, cosmetic and fragrance industry. A healthy lifestyle is important to me and I enjoy new experiences and at the same time love spending time with my families and friends.

Why do you love Tengdahl? 

I purchased my first Tengdahl garment 15 years ago after arriving home from Paris. I love the quality of the fabrics, the cut and quality of the garments.  I love that Tengdahl is a Queensland brand, produced and marketed in Brisbane. For me it is a one shop boutique where I can find an outfit for every occasion, whether weekend leisure, work, evening or travel and the style and fabrics reflect the Queensland lifestyle and weather.

What are you wearing?

I'm wearing the Chloe dress with the Cashmere wrap. I love the feel of cashmere and wool and how comfortable the dress is to work in, and at the same time I feel feminine and professional. I enjoy the pop of colour and texture that the wrap brings and at the same time it feels cosy and warm. I have worked from home for the last 13 years and find if I dress for work I am in work mode and prepared for staff interviews, client meeting, either in person and or for those virtual meetings as well. 


Cashmere Wrap

Chloe Dress


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