Amazing Women - Gail

About Gail

After working in the legal profession for the last few decades, building a wardrobe of black clothes to look professional and serious, I am now relaxing into retirement and grandmothering! I now have time to dive deeply into subjects that interest me, to read, to volunteer, and of course to travel and hang out with our children, their partners and our four grandchildren.

Why do you love Tengdahl? 

I love Tengdahl because the clothes look gorgeous, are well made and use beautiful fabrics. I wander into the shop and see Julie looking amazing in her designs and am inspired to move away from my black staples into colour - gorgeous linens, silks and cashmere. I can’t recall when I first bought clothing from Tengdahl - it must have been early this century. I still have those stunning aqua linen pants  and red silk boho skirt… The clothes really endure. I also appreciate that new purchases work back with Tengdahl garments I already own so that I can make them work a few different ways.

What are you wearing?

I am wearing the J'Adore Skirt and Cotton Adele Shirt


Adele Shirt

J'Adore Skirt


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