Amazing Women - Liz

About Liz

I’m director of The Sharp Clinics. After consulting to the health, fashion and cosmetic industries for 13 years, I began investing in luxury plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine clinics. We are a holistic practice, offering the full spectrum; from facelifts, breast surgery and cancer procedures through to cosmetic injectables, laser and age optimising supplements. I have four wonderful daughters aged 11 to 18; I’m loving this stage of life - it’s so rewarding to watch them move into womanhood together. Later this year, I’ll turn 40 and I’m excited about everything the next decade will bring.

Why do you love Tengdahl?

There are so many things I love about Tengdahl; it is sustainable, locally made, intelligently designed and timeless. I bought my first piece 15 years ago and I am still wearing it today; the quality of the fabric and workwomanship is so high, somehow it looks just as good as they day I brought it home. At work, the Tengdahl Tiffany dress is one of our uniform items.

What are you wearing?

I adore my soft jersey Tengdahl wrap dresses – I invested in them a few years ago and they’re they see me through a work day, and into a night out, without needing an outfit change. The epitome of versatility.



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