Amazing Women - Maria

About Maria

I am a full-time Marketing Manager for engineering, design and advisory company Aurecon, side hustle – Evvoke Bespoke Experiences where Maria curates and creates unique experiences and celebrations for friends, family and clients.

Why do you love Tengdahl?

I have been wearing Tengdahl for at least 20 years! I still have some Tengdahl items which you could now call ‘vintage’! I love Tengdahl because it is elegant, flattering and timeless. Julie creates designs that stand the test of time, are of the highest quality, made from the most luxurious fabrics and best of all – are designed and created in Brisbane!

What are you wearing?

I am wearing the Giselle Pant in tan, Amira tortoiseshell blouse (and free-form black leather jacket). I love this combination as it is easy to wear, looks great any time of the day or night and mixes and matches with lots of other blacks and browns in my wardrobe.


Amria Blouse

Giselle Pant


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