Amazing Women - Simone

About Simone

I like to think of myself as a domestic Goddess (so long as someone else is cleaning my home) who loves to cook for my wonderful Husband and 3 sons.  I love great food, wine and of course French Champagne. I am an openly addicted to shoes and chocolate and love to entertain with amazing friends and have a good dance with my tambourine...Of course, all while wearing my beautiful Tengdahl collection.

Why do you love Tengdahl? 

When I think of Tengdahl I think of effortless style. When I wear Tengdahl, I feel sexy and confident.  I love the baring of a shoulder, a hint of cleavage or showing off my legs, it all feels empowering. I have been part of the Tengdahl sisterhood for more than 15 years and every time I wear a Tengdahl piece I walk with confidence.

What are you wearing?

So many glorious pieces to choose from but for me it is always about comfort at home. So even though I am not going anywhere it is always uplifting to wear something special. At the moment I am enjoying long skirts which I can tuck my feet under while I enjoy a good book and then slip on a pair of heels to enjoy a quiet drink with Hubby in the evening.


Adele Shirt

Marie Curie Skirt


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