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9 Pieces For Your Autumn/Winter Capsule Wardrobe

With the right essentials your wardrobe will take you through each season with ease. These are our top 9 pieces that will help create the foundation of your Autumn and Winter wardrobe.

Season after season the classic white shirt is our go-to item. A crisp cotton is ideal for Autumn/Winter and will deliver for so many occasions.


The beauty of an ankle boot is that it will go with almost everything in your wardrobe, from long pants to midi dresses. A comfortable boot is your staple shoe. We love this versatile style from Peter Sheppard.


A butter-soft leather jacket is a must for layering. Our Maya Jacket is cut from premium grade leather and lined in a silk/cotton blend, keeping it super breathable yet warm.


A Tengdahl capsule wardrobe could not be complete without a signature scarf. Adding a printed scarf is a simple way to dress up a look.


There’s nothing quite like the feeling of slipping on a cashmere sweater. Discover the luxury of our 12-gauge, premium grade cashmere. You’ll wear this piece more than you think...


We are bringing over the maxi length wrap skirt from our summer wardrobe to pull together some chic winter outfits. Pair this piece with a long-sleeve tee, boots and an Ikat printed scarf.


Comfort is key when choosing your capsule pieces. These Peter Sheppard neutral coloured slides are a great style for women on the go.


Cool and comfortable our Penelope Pant in the classic shade denim can effortlessly transition from lounge to workwear. Take your wardrobe further with this mid-rise, straight leg pant.


This tried and true investment piece will pay off in the cooler months. Our timeless Trench Coat made from water-resistant polished cotton is the perfect outerwear piece to complete your capsule collection.


An Icon: The White Shirt

Trusted and timeless, the iconic white dress shirt has been a foundation piece in wardrobes for decades. Once only a staple piece for businessmen, it now dominates women's capsule collections around the world. In the 1940’s Katherine Hepburn and Lauren Bacall proved that women could just as stylishly wear this polished item. The popularity of this piece continued to grow with women around the world adopting this simple yet powerful style statement. Even more iconic were the celebrities captured like Marylin Monroe in the 60’s looking effortlessly chic on set in her crisp cotton shirt tucked into black jeans.



The Princess of Wales opted for a white shirt on many occasions, for a casual yet polished look. While other interpretations of this tailored piece created memorable sexy moments.



The white shirt’s presence was undeniable throughout the 90's and 2000’s for ready-to-wear fashion houses and continues to be a must-have item today. This hallmark piece is a classic that women will continue to wear decade after decade for its versatility and endless styling options.


The Adele Shirt

We’ve adapted this enduring style for a hotter climate, choosing to work with fibres that can be worn comfortably all year round. It’s a piece we see women wearing everyday which is why it needs to be lightweight, breathable and easy to care for.



Adele Cotton Shirt


Adele Crinkle Shirt


Adele Linen Shirt

How to care for your silk


We love our silks and the touch of luxury they bring into our wardrobes so it’s no surprise we want to keep them in great condition to wear everyday. When it comes to delicate fabrics there’s many ways we can take care of them without sending them off to the drycleaners. Just like your precious cashmere pieces there's certain techniques and tricks you can use to maintain your cherished silks.




Treat oil marks & perspiration with a sponge and a drop of shampoo and very gently work into the fabric, avoid rubbing as this can damage the fibres. 

REMEMBER Silk is a natural protein fiber just like you're hair so always use a gentle wash.




Hand Wash & Rinse

We recommend hand washing your silk as it is the most gentle process.

Turn your garment inside out and wash each piece seperately.

Wash in a basin of cold water with a small amount of delicate wash (do not add bleach).

Submerge your garment under the water and gently stir the water by hand. Don't leave to soak as a print may bleed.

Rinse the silk with cool water until the water runs clear. Don’t wring out your garment, just press it in your hands or roll into a towel just like your cashmere and wools.


TIP Half a cup of white vinegar in the water will prevent any bleeding if you are washing a garment with a print.

Julies favourite wash product: Sard Wonder Colour Catcher




Drying your silk

Hang to dry on a dyring rack or hanger out of the direct sunlight.

TIP Because silk naturally breaks away mites, dust and other particles it doesn't need to be washed after every wear. Hang up your silk in a cool dry place after you've worn it and let it air out.




Remove Wrinkles

Use a steamer on a low setting to remove the wrinkles.

The steam function on your iron can also be used to hover over the hanging item without making contact.

Press the garment with your iron if needed, always set to a delicate or wool setting and turn it inside out.


TIP Very lightly spray with water from a spray bottle to release any stubborn crinkles.




How to store

For everyday storage hang silks on soft hangers to prevent them from slipping off, avoid stiff wire hangers.

For long-term storage always clean your items first and place them in your complimentary Tengdahl cotton bag provided with your purchase to keep your garments safe.


PLEASE NOTE Not all silk items can be washed by hand and for the best care must be dry cleaned. Please check with us if you're not sure.




Haven Fantasha Dress

Haven Waterfall Bolero

Haven Audrey Maxi

Entwined Collection: Threads we love to wear


A love of discovering unique textiles, immersing myself in different cultures and a passion for traveling to new lands in search of that something special, has inspired this next collection called "Entwined ". There has always been a genuine fascination in seeing how fabric is created and woven. Watching the Artisans weaving hand dyed threads into a colourful intricate tapestry that one day will be sewn into beautiful garments for us to wear, cherish and adore is what drives me to design those special pieces for you.

This time last year I travelled to the southeast coast city of Pondicherry (Puducherry) once a French colonial settlement with preserved vibrant architecture and tree lined streets. My passion for handmade textiles brought me to a women’s co-op, where they weave gorgeous ikat prints on old wooden handlooms. I watched as the women maneuvered the shuttles over and under the weft threads eventually unfolding a beautiful complex pattern of colour.

Dying the cotton


Spinning the cotton into thread on a charkha wheel


Preparing the yarn for weaving on a handloom


 Weaving on a handloom

A year down the track I have taken divine time to develop and evolve the inspiration for the collection you see today. Beautiful feminine designs, joyful colours and specially crafted textiles that have been entwined and woven with dedication, devotion and love.


Timeless looks for Summer

The key to dressing for Summer being comfortable and feeling confident in what you wear. Our Summer styles feature organic fabrics with premium finishes and elevated details, that can be worn from day to night. Breezy and loose-fitted silhouettes keep you feeling lighter and allows your skin to breathe.


An easy shade to pull off for any occasion, play with different textures and silhouettes of black for an effortless statement.

Vanessa Top Black & Ava Shorts


More styles to love

Star Overlay Top

Audrey Top Black Spot

Sufi Pant Black

Elsa Sequin Top

Ariel Dress Black 




Festive and summery, a colourful print will instantly lift your mood. Play with tonal accessories to complement your look.

Fantasha Dress Ulysses



More styles to love

Audrey Top Spring

Waterfall Bolero Unity

Jamila Jumpsuit Genius

Goddess Wrap Haven

Freya Dress Spot




Stay cool and comfortable in light layers of linen, for an evening look swap out flats for a small heel and fine jewellery.

Monica Top Navy & Wide Leg Pant White


More styles to love

Ariel Dress White

Adele Shirt Sky Blue

Wide Leg Pant Smoke

Juliette Top White

Jasmina Dress Uluru




If you’re lucky enough to attend a more formal occasion this season, our luxurious silk and tulle separates will give you a sexy, sophisticated look.

Silk Georgette Bolero & Tulle Skirt


More styles to love

Margueritte Skirt Navy

Goddess Dress Black 

Margot Tulle Skirt

Vanessa Blouse Navy

Fantasha Skirt Star




Made for warm days, your maxi skirt works equally well worn over a swimsuit or a tucked in t-shirt for a lunch date.

Classic T-Shirt White & Artina Maxi Skirt Spirit


More styles to love

Valentina Skirt Heaven

Kate Denim Skirt

Artina Skirt Spring

Valentina Skirt Amor Fati

Marie Curie Skirt

Altjira Collection


For this collection I journeyed to the centre of Australia. I found inspiration in our heartland, researching sacred stories and immersing myself in indigenous artwork of the oldest living culture on earth. I call this collection 'ALTJIRA' named after the aboriginal god of dreamtime.



I was also inspired by my favourite Australian poem ‘My Country’ by Dorothea Mackellar. Having written this verse in my black sketchbook years earlier when designing the ‘Amor Fati’ Collection. The poem gives me a true sense of the uniqueness of our nation’s flora and fauna. The colours, textures and contrasts of our incredible sunburnt country.

“I love a sunburnt country, 

A land of sweeping plains, 

Of ragged mountain ranges, 

Of droughts and flooding rains. 

I love her far horizons, 

I love her jewel-sea, 

Her beauty and her terror 

The wide brown land for me.”

This verse makes me realise just how powerful our roots are here in Australia.



The Altjira Collection has three base colours, white, black and tan and three specially designed exclusive prints which I’ve called, Spring, Spirit & Uluru.



The graphics of the Spring print represents the scales of the goanna and the jewel colours of a sacred well spring.


The Spirit print is about dreamtime, freedom and looking down at the Australian torrain from an aerial, topical view.


The Uluru print was the first print I designed which forms the centrepoint to anchor the Altjira Collection. The print personifies the sandstone textures of the incredible Ayers Rock.


In Australia’s diverse summers I’m mindful to wear natural fibres. For this reason I’ve incorporated cottons and linens, not only for the way they make you feel but the way they perform in humid and dry heat.

I hope this collection brings you closer to home & hearth this Summer.

Julie T

Wedding looks: When love comes back around

We find ourselves blissfully downsizing this year, embracing the essentials and finding joy in the things that really matter to us. Special occasions have become beautifully intimate this season, with weddings and vow renewals becoming smaller yet just as significant, surrounded by our closest loved ones. Let us help you find your wedding look with elegant pieces that you’ll treasure on this day and beyond.









Elevate your essentials


The new season is the best time to reinvent your capsule wardrobe. It’s time to refresh your essentials with two iconic & timeless pieces to create smart casual looks for the weeks ahead. Adjusting to your new low-key agenda will be effortless.


Never underestimate the power of a tailored shirt and the time you’ll save with this practical piece up your sleeve. Made from organic linen, the Adele Shirt is ideal for all year dressing, delivering on function and style.

The Star Necklace

Adele Linen Shirt

Kate Maxi Skirt

Fendi Bag

SL Mules

Amor Fati Scarf

Adele Linen Shirt

Giselle Pant

Albany Cuff

Chloe Slides

Trust Earrings

Penelope Vest

Adele Linen Shirt

Tiffany Pant

AG Sandals


Undoubtedly a cool classic that earns its place in your capsule wardrobe is the iconic pinstripe pant. You can create some truly stylish outfits with this timeless piece.

Maya Jacket

Audrey Top

Penelope Pant

Cashmere Scarf

SM Mules

Forever Necklace

Tiffany Jacket

Tiffany Camisole

Penelope Pant

RV Mules

Penelope Jacket

Tiffany Camisole

Penelope Pant

Butterfly Belt

Aquazzura Slides

Ulysses: A Butterfly's Story


The Inspiration

Over the Covid lockdown I was doing a lot of gratitude meditations, listening to classical music and gardening. I kept dreaming about the butterfly and the journey the butterfly goes through for transformation. To me the butterfly was a symbol for the transformation or the transmutation of the self that we were all experiencing through this period. It’s about reflection and going into the darkness within, resetting ourselves and giving ourselves the opportunity to rebuild from the inside and letting go of what doesn't serve us anymore. It’s a true metamorphosis of one’s self into beauty and also into the light.



The Vision

I’ve called the collection Ulysses, because of the butterfly’s unique colours and its uniqueness to the rainforest of my beloved Queensland. The designs for this collection are quite classical, allowing the pieces to flow, giving the wearer a sense of freedom. There’s a mystery in the softness created by fabric and prints.









Marie Curie Capsule Collection

The power of a woman

Marie Curie was an extraordinary woman who changed the course of history. She is still to this day an icon of the scientific world and a pioneer of medical research and radioactivity. A dedicated wife and mother and a determined innovator, Madame Curie was the first woman to win a Nobel Prize. She is a true genius and this capsule collection is to honor her brilliance.





Marie Curie Jacket

Adele Linen Shirt

Marie Curie Skirt

Wide Leather Belt



Complexity of the mind meets design

Unique textiles and impeccable construction create a beautiful chemistry for this cleverly put together capsule collection. The tailored classics crafted from premium grade embroidered linen set the tone for practicality and sophistication. Each piece makes a subtle statement and is a reminder of how clothing can transport us. Blending traditional style and sustainable fibres, these garments are made to last.





Marie Curie Jacket

Adele Cotton Shirt

Marie Curie Skirt

Wide Leather Tan




"Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less."  - Marie Curie




Juniper Suede Jacket

Adele Linen Shirt

Kate Maxi Denim Skirt

Leather Obi Belt



Marie Curie is brought back to life in Radioactive

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