The Desire for Mastery: Moonflower Collection




   As a designer, the desire to create something beautiful while being mindful of the ebb and flow of passing trends and the importance of sustainability has been my lifelong purpose and passion. And the bespoke evening collection ‘Moonflower’ is no exception.


The allure of the moon and its cycles has always captivated me, from its powerful energy to its symbolism of femininity, sisterhood, and divine grace. As someone born in April on a full moon, I have always been fascinated by the night sky. The inspiration for my Moonflower collection comes from the stunning white moonflower, which blooms and shines in the moonlight with its intoxicating lemon fragrance. It symbolises romance, dreams, and shining bright in the night sky.



I wanted to capture this beauty and translate it into my designs, using sensuous silks, opulent brocades, and the finest cashmere. The result is a collection that embodies beauty, grace and elegance. But more importantly, these pieces are sustainable and timeless, designed to last for years to come.



As we enter a world of constant evolution and change, it's important to create pieces that withstand the test of time. The Moonflower collection is my way of doing just that. So, let's all shine bright in the moonlight and celebrate the beauty and the feminine power within all of us.

- Julie T




10 pieces to simplify your life


We believe creating a capsule wardrobe isn’t synonymous with the seasons. A true capsule wardrobe is built on items you can wear and love all year round. When layering comes into play, you’ll have endless styling options with our favourite foundation pieces. Sometimes all you need is a few additional items to throw into the mix to inspire a whole new way of dressing every day.



The Katherine Shirt Maker Dress is the ultimate essential for every wardrobe. Cut from a limited edition polished, hand tie dyed cotton or our pure linen, this dress is maximum style with minimal effort. Find yourself ready for day to evening occasions in the ultra cool look.




Soft tailoring becomes the perfect solution to our new blend of work and leisure pieces. The Penelope Linen Pant delivers simplicity with a signature fit that you'll love styling with your current wardrobe.




There's a reason classic shapes never go out of style. The 'Rosa' four panel bias cut midi skirt is flattering on all figures, cool to wear and simple to style. A small elastic panel at the back provides extra comfort throughout the day.




One of our core pieces for many years is the Classic 3/4 Sleeve. Made from lightweight breathable cotton in timeless navy and white stripes, this top will be worn on repeat.




A true investment piece, a classic trench coat will stand the test of time. Transeasonal and weather-proof the Trench is an essential outerwear piece that will always have a place in your wardrobe.




A must-have investment piece for everywhere you go. Our 100% pure cashmere wrap comes in a large size making it easy to style any way you desire. Perfect for travelling and lounging around the home, you'll cherish this pieces for years to come.




Making the list every season is our favourite Adele Linen Shirt. Trusted and timeless, the iconic white dress shirt has been a foundation piece in wardrobes for decades. The pure linen is also the perfect fibre to wear all year.




Not only does it look chic and elevate so many looks but the Maya Leather Jacket is an investment piece that gets better with every wear. Individually crafted from premium grade leather and lined in silk cotton, this jacket combines luxury with a modern edge.





Cut from genuine leather in our Brisbane Arcade studio, the Obi Belt can bring together so many looks. Its reversible design and long length makes this accessory a versatile item to wear with dresses, tops and jackets.




For something a little more laid-back, we love the Florence Hoodie and Florence Drawstring Pant cut from super soft Japanese cotton mousseline. Reach for these pieces on days you need to feel more grounded and relaxed.

The Essence Collection


What is our Essence?

Its who we are, what we stand for, how we live our lives and the descions we make each day.

As a designer I'm always thinking about the fundamental values of the brand and the fundamental values and sustainable needs of the beautiful women that buy the Tengdahl brand. I'm thinking about how they can sustainably integrate new pieces into their wardrobe and what's important to their needs, what they are passioniate about, how they want to feel.

The Essence Collection from my creative perspective is about an ongoing exploration into our enduring styles and unique, sustainable textiles that make the Tengdahl brand special. Desirable pieces to enhance the true essence of women who love to wear them.




Something I’m very proud of are the personalised interactions with our clients. Hearing from them on which pieces they love to wear is incredibly valuable and allows us to continuously develop our core pieces. We are mindful of the women who wear the brand and endeavour to find what sparks joy for them in the collection when they get dressed every day.



You’ll find each piece has been designed with purpose and made for the many ways we live our lives. This timeless collection exudes effortless sophistication and grace with a focus on exceptional craftsmanship and premium qualtiy textiles. We’ve crafted these pieces from European flax linens, soft Japanese cottons and pure silks because I believe the fabrics are one of the most important factors when designing a wardrobe we love to wear.




In an industry that continues to evolve, what remains true is the Essence of the brand. Tengdahl is classic, mindful & fearlessly authentic.

Nirvana Collection


The Journey

The creative vision for the ‘Nirvana’ collection started to crystalize in my thoughts when spending a special birthday milestone holidaying with my besties at Lord Howe Island. A priceless break spent away from the day to day challenges on a tiny island in the Tasman Sea off Port Macquarie was just what I needed. Time to explore a new land, step into the creative unknown and reset my body clock to the rhythm of nature.

Two weeks spent, hiking, swimming, snorkeling, yoga, reading, resting, dancing, laughing, viewing full moon eclipses, eating the freshest of fish on earth, breathing in blissful sunsets. Jumping off boats into the deep sea, climbing the majestic Mount Gower and snorkeling with Galapagos sharks, totally stretching myself to a new type of freedom.

A lazy afternoon spent dreaming, sketching and scribing in my little black book I wrote Nirvana, my paradise on earth... Hence the collection was born.

As a fashion designer there is always a stage of creative vulnerability when transitioning from the inspiration and designing a collection that we want to wear, love and cherish for years to come.




The Inspiration

Lord Howe island was formed by an underwater volcanic eruption seven million years ago. Through the power of our earth’s elements this Nirvana was born.

Water, Earth, Fire and Air

This formed the foundational guide of my designing process. Exclusive prints, plains and textures in this collection are born out of these elements, all in their perfect balance..






Staying true to my sustainable vision this collection has been created entirely of natural fibers.

I hope you feel happy, blissful and connected to the elements when you wear NIRVANA

Julie T

A story of many colours


My vision for the ‘Hope’ maxi skirt came to me while attending a sacred women’s circle. Feeling empowered and humbled by the strength, truth, resilience and uniqueness of each amazing woman gave me the creative inspiration to design a skirt encompassing all these qualities. In the group we were all collectively weaving together a patchwork of life experiences and stories. And on reflection I was realizing that we were creating something new for all of us.

This is a skirt made with love and attention to detail. It's the skirt of many colours made just for us, encouraging us to live a life with colour, beauty, hope and joy.



Handcrafted in our Brisbane Arcade Studio, the Hope Skirt is a reflection of how our lives are pieced together with contrasting elements. The vibrant patchwork is an unexpected beauty. It’s a one-of-a-kind skirt, stitched together with multi-coloured organic cottons, linens & silks that we have all loved wearing over the years. Using what we have brings us back to our roots and reminds us to live creatively and consciously.

Julie T

Linen Care Guide


How to wash

Linen is easy to care for and can be either hand or machine washed.


Machine wash 

If you are using a washing machine ensure that you’re on the gentle cycle with the spin setting on low. Always wash your linens with similar colours and avoid overloading your machine or your clothing may become tangled or stretched.


Hand wash

You can easily hand wash your linen using a delicate soap. Submerge your garment under the water and gently stir the water by hand.



Drying your linen

Quick to dry

Lay the item flat on a drying rack or hang to dry out of direct sunlight.



Remove Wrinkles

Steamer or iron

Always turn your garment inside out and iron while it’s slightly damp. Keep your steamer or iron on a medium heat setting. Run your iron across the linen until the wrinkles have been smoothed out.



How to store

Everyday storage 

Hang your shirts to stop them wrinkling.


Long-term storage

Always clean before you store them. Place them in your complimentary Tengdahl cotton bag provided with your purchase to keep the bugs out.

An Icon: The White Shirt

Trusted and timeless, the iconic white dress shirt has been a foundation piece in wardrobes for decades. Once only a staple piece for businessmen, it now dominates women's capsule collections around the world. In the 1940’s Katherine Hepburn and Lauren Bacall proved that women could just as stylishly wear this polished item. The popularity of this piece continued to grow with women around the world adopting this simple yet powerful style statement. Even more iconic were the celebrities captured like Marylin Monroe in the 60’s looking effortlessly chic on set in her crisp cotton shirt tucked into black jeans.



The Princess of Wales opted for a white shirt on many occasions, for a casual yet polished look. While other interpretations of this tailored piece created memorable sexy moments.



The white shirt’s presence was undeniable throughout the 90's and 2000’s for ready-to-wear fashion houses and continues to be a must-have item today. This hallmark piece is a classic that women will continue to wear decade after decade for its versatility and endless styling options.


The Adele Shirt

We’ve adapted this enduring style for a hotter climate, choosing to work with fibres that can be worn comfortably all year round. It’s a piece we see women wearing everyday which is why it needs to be lightweight, breathable and easy to care for.


Adele Cotton Shirt


Adele Crinkle Shirt


Adele Linen Shirt

Timeless looks for Summer

The key to dressing for Summer being comfortable and feeling confident in what you wear. Our Summer styles feature organic fabrics with premium finishes and elevated details, that can be worn from day to night. Breezy and loose-fitted silhouettes keep you feeling lighter and allows your skin to breathe.


An easy shade to pull off for any occasion, play with different textures and silhouettes of black for an effortless statement.

Vanessa Top Black & Ava Shorts


More styles to love

Star Overlay Top

Audrey Top Black Spot

Sufi Pant Black

Elsa Sequin Top

Ariel Dress Black 




Festive and summery, a colourful print will instantly lift your mood. Play with tonal accessories to complement your look.

Fantasha Dress Ulysses



More styles to love

Audrey Top Spring

Waterfall Bolero Unity

Jamila Jumpsuit Genius

Goddess Wrap Haven

Freya Dress Spot




Stay cool and comfortable in light layers of linen, for an evening look swap out flats for a small heel and fine jewellery.

Monica Top Navy & Wide Leg Pant White


More styles to love

Ariel Dress White

Adele Shirt Sky Blue

Wide Leg Pant Smoke

Juliette Top White

Jasmina Dress Uluru




If you’re lucky enough to attend a more formal occasion this season, our luxurious silk and tulle separates will give you a sexy, sophisticated look.

Silk Georgette Bolero & Tulle Skirt


More styles to love

Margueritte Skirt Navy

Goddess Dress Black 

Margot Tulle Skirt

Vanessa Blouse Navy

Fantasha Skirt Star




Made for warm days, your maxi skirt works equally well worn over a swimsuit or a tucked in t-shirt for a lunch date.

Classic T-Shirt White & Artina Maxi Skirt Spirit


More styles to love

Valentina Skirt Heaven

Kate Denim Skirt

Artina Skirt Spring

Valentina Skirt Amor Fati

Marie Curie Skirt

Altjira Collection



For this collection I journeyed to the centre of Australia. I found inspiration in our heartland, researching sacred stories and immersing myself in indigenous artwork of the oldest living culture on earth. I call this collection 'ALTJIRA' named after the aboriginal god of dreamtime.



I was also inspired by my favourite Australian poem ‘My Country’ by Dorothea Mackellar. Having written this verse in my black sketchbook years earlier when designing the ‘Amor Fati’ Collection. The poem gives me a true sense of the uniqueness of our nation’s flora and fauna. The colours, textures and contrasts of our incredible sunburnt country.

“I love a sunburnt country, 

A land of sweeping plains, 

Of ragged mountain ranges, 

Of droughts and flooding rains. 

I love her far horizons, 

I love her jewel-sea, 

Her beauty and her terror 

The wide brown land for me.”

This verse makes me realise just how powerful our roots are here in Australia.



The Altjira Collection has three base colours, white, black and tan and three specially designed exclusive prints which I’ve called, Spring, Spirit & Uluru.



The graphics of the Spring print represents the scales of the goanna and the jewel colours of a sacred well spring.


The Spirit print is about dreamtime, freedom and looking down at the Australian torrain from an aerial, topical view.


The Uluru print was the first print I designed which forms the centrepoint to anchor the Altjira Collection. The print personifies the sandstone textures of the incredible Ayers Rock.


In Australia’s diverse summers I’m mindful to wear natural fibres. For this reason I’ve incorporated cottons and linens, not only for the way they make you feel but the way they perform in humid and dry heat.

I hope this collection brings you closer to home & hearth this Summer.

Julie T

Wedding looks: When love comes back around


We find ourselves blissfully downsizing this year, embracing the essentials and finding joy in the things that really matter to us. Special occasions have become beautifully intimate this season, with weddings and vow renewals becoming smaller yet just as significant, surrounded by our closest loved ones. Let us help you find your wedding look with elegant pieces that you’ll treasure on this day and beyond.

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