The Desire for Mastery: Moonflower Collection
The Desire for Mastery: Moonflower Collection



   As a designer, the desire to create something beautiful while being mindful of the ebb and flow of passing trends and the importance of sustainability has been my lifelong purpose and passion. And the bespoke evening collection ‘Moonflower’ is no exception. 


The allure of the moon and its cycles has always captivated me, from its powerful energy to its symbolism of femininity, sisterhood, and divine grace. As someone born in April on a full moon, I have always been fascinated by the night sky. The inspiration for my Moonflower collection comes from the stunning white moonflower, which blooms and shines in the moonlight with its intoxicating lemon fragrance. It symbolises romance, dreams, and shining bright in the night sky.



I wanted to capture this beauty and translate it into my designs, using sensuous silks, opulent brocades, and the finest cashmere. The result is a collection that embodies beauty, grace and elegance. But more importantly, these pieces are sustainable and timeless, designed to last for years to come.



As we enter a world of constant evolution and change, it's important to create pieces that withstand the test of time. The Moonflower collection is my way of doing just that. So, let's all shine bright in the moonlight and celebrate the beauty and the feminine power within all of us.


- Julie T




The Joy of Being a Mum
The Joy of Being a Mum

Julie talks about what being a mum means to her and how she's spending the 10th of May this year...


Can you put into words what being a mum feels like?

To be truly honest I always well up into tears and have this overwhelming feeling of emotions when I try and write about what motherhood means to me. I have a sense of responsibility and personal purpose to be the best mother I can be. My heart aches with the sheer unconditional, adoring love I have for my children and my mother. Being at home in isolation has only heightened those feelings and what I love about being a mum and being home.




What do you adore the most about motherhood?


Just being in the present moment to listen, be compassionate, caring for my three children and my mother is for me the essence of motherhood. Dropping in with fresh baked bread to see my mother, receiving phone calls at all hours from overseas and interstate from my daughters and the daily text from my son downstairs when he is hungry all bring me so much joy and purpose. To be able to serve with “grace” the ones I love, see them happy, feed them and uplift them is what I love and adore about being a mum.



What do you have planned for Mother’s Day this year and how will you reward yourself?


One thing for certain is Mother’s Day 2020 will always be remembered like no other. I’m looking at the silver lining in these challenging times as giving myself and my family the opportunity to do something new, maybe with video? There is nothing like the gift of laughter. We also have an edible garden at the back of our house so I will reward myself on Mother's Day with some quiet time planting vegetables.



Here's what Julie has been wearing in self-isolation


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