Nirvana Collection


The Journey

The creative vision for the ‘Nirvana’ collection started to crystalize in my thoughts when spending a special birthday milestone holidaying with my besties at Lord Howe Island. A priceless break spent away from the day to day challenges on a tiny island in the Tasman Sea off Port Macquarie was just what I needed. Time to explore a new land, step into the creative unknown and reset my body clock to the rhythm of nature.

Two weeks spent, hiking, swimming, snorkeling, yoga, reading, resting, dancing, laughing, viewing full moon eclipses, eating the freshest of fish on earth, breathing in blissful sunsets. Jumping off boats into the deep sea, climbing the majestic Mount Gower and snorkeling with Galapagos sharks, totally stretching myself to a new type of freedom.

A lazy afternoon spent dreaming, sketching and scribing in my little black book I wrote Nirvana, my paradise on earth... Hence the collection was born.

As a fashion designer there is always a stage of creative vulnerability when transitioning from the inspiration and designing a collection that we want to wear, love and cherish for years to come.




The Inspiration

Lord Howe island was formed by an underwater volcanic eruption seven million years ago. Through the power of our earth’s elements this Nirvana was born.

Water, Earth, Fire and Air

This formed the foundational guide of my designing process. Exclusive prints, plains and textures in this collection are born out of these elements, all in their perfect balance..






Staying true to my sustainable vision this collection has been created entirely of natural fibers.

I hope you feel happy, blissful and connected to the elements when you wear NIRVANA

Julie T

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