The Essence Collection


What is our Essence?

Its who we are, what we stand for, how we live our lives and the descions we make each day.

As a designer I'm always thinking about the fundamental values of the brand and the fundamental values and sustainable needs of the beautiful women that buy the Tengdahl brand. I'm thinking about how they can sustainably integrate new pieces into their wardrobe and what's important to their needs, what they are passioniate about, how they want to feel.

The Essence Collection from my creative perspective is about an ongoing exploration into our enduring styles and unique, sustainable textiles that make the Tengdahl brand special. Desirable pieces to enhance the true essence of women who love to wear them.




Something I’m very proud of are the personalised interactions with our clients. Hearing from them on which pieces they love to wear is incredibly valuable and allows us to continuously develop our core pieces. We are mindful of the women who wear the brand and endeavour to find what sparks joy for them in the collection when they get dressed every day.



You’ll find each piece has been designed with purpose and made for the many ways we live our lives. This timeless collection exudes effortless sophistication and grace with a focus on exceptional craftsmanship and premium qualtiy textiles. We’ve crafted these pieces from European flax linens, soft Japanese cottons and pure silks because I believe the fabrics are one of the most important factors when designing a wardrobe we love to wear.




In an industry that continues to evolve, what remains true is the Essence of the brand. Tengdahl is classic, mindful & fearlessly authentic.

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