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From Work to Weekend


Friday - the end of the working week. You made it through the early mornings, business meetings, and late nights at the office. Time to catch up with friends and family with something a little stronger than an espresso! Sometimes, you just need that perfect outfit that takes you from work to weekend.

Our other top picks for office to play!

1. Tengdahl 'Angel Jacket'

2. Paula Hall 'Deco Studs'

3. Stuart Weitzman 'Pearl Studded Heel' 

Back to Business


Oh, January. How we love the feeling of a clean state. A new beginning. Turning the first page of a 365-day book of whatever you make it. The new year, especially the new work year, is the perfect time for a new mindset, a new feeling of positivity. So why not make a statement? Step out in contrast, in true back to business style.

Our recommendation? Bright and bold: classic blacks and whites, contrasted with warm yellows, reds and touches of print. Keep reading to see our picks!


Classicly Elegant

Pair your favourite black business pants with our gorgeous White Bustier

This simple but striking look is completed with statement accessories.



Bold and daring

A more casual work place? Take a risk and try out a bold yellow knit - such as our Soleil top
with your favourite patterned skirt. Match with a thick warm-toned belt and shoes of your liking.
Add some pearl jewellery to finish!






 Samantha Haran

Treating Yourself This Season: 8 Ways

Holiday season brings about a lot of extra time, and can leave one wondering - what in the world should I do next? Not to fear! 

We have 8 exciting ways you can treat yourself the way you deserve this Christmas.


1. Accessorize and Conquer

There is no better way to celebrate the season than to deck yourself out with gorgeous accessories. 

Try our ‘Lapis Neckerchief’, ‘Waves Earrings’, ‘Chakra and Lapis Bracelets’! 


 2. Window Wander 

Take some time to head into your favourite stores for some retail therapy. Our store in the

Brisbane Arcade is the perfect destination for your next session.



3. Mornings In

The work year usually means early mornings and minimal sleep, so take this chance to spend a lazy morning in bed.

Treat yourself to breakfast in bed and a midday start. Keep it casual and comfortable in the ‘Amoria Dress’.


4. Make a Statement

The end of year season is all about making a statement! Our bold and daring ‘Soleil Top’ is sure to have you turning heads.


5. Afternoon Elegance

Afternoons are best spent with friends and family, over platters of food and a few too many drinks.

After all, tis the season for entertaining, so do it in your ‘Lapis Waterfall Jacket’!


6. Midnight Memories

Whether it be dinner, drinks or a date, a night out is always an amazing way to rewind.

Our ‘Jemma Sequin Top’ and ‘Celine Shorts’ create the perfect outfit for this type of outing!


7. Spend it in the Spa

Book a day at your local spa for a bit of downtime that will have you feeling on top of the world.

Slip into the ‘Lolita Dress’ for that feeling of ultimate serenity.


8. Take it Outdoors

A breath of fresh air perhaps? Take family and friends on a bit of an outdoor adventure - the beach, a hike, a picnic.

Nature truly has a way of reviving the soul, and so does our linen favourite the ‘Sereana Dress’ - the perfect match!


Samantha Haran


The Prana Pants

‘Prana’ means ‘life force’  in Sanskrit.

“Re-energise, relax and take a deep breath this Christmas with our gorgeous free-flowing Prana pants.
 This beautifully cut, wide leg pant is sure to awaken your youthful side,
just in time for the vacation season.”


Julie’s pick of the month for December is the stylish Prana pant. Gorgeous, free-flowing and youthful, this pant is perfect for days on the beach,
trips into the country or whatever else you may be doing under the hot summer’s sun in the weeks to come. Not only does this essential pant
come in the signature lapis silk print, but also in classic navy or black linen.

They will quickly become your favourite piece this season.


Angel Swing Top/ Neckerchief

Where to wear: Launch party

Pair the Prana Pant with the Angel swing top and
neckerchief for an ultra-stylish look, perfect
for your next event.


Blue Lapis Hasani Top

Where to wear: New Years’ party

The Lapis Hasani Top is a favourite, it looks stunningwith our Prana Pant. 

Accessorize with our signature neckerchief for an
evening out.



Mabelle Top

Where to wear: Day trip outdoors

Looking for a more unique styling choice?
Wear your Prana Pant with our Mabelle top
for that gorgeous outdoor glam.



Sereana Dress Black Onyx

Where to wear: The beach

Heading down to the beach? Try the
Prana Pant with our Sereana dress,
in either navy or black onyx.



Sereana Dress

Where to wear: Brunch

Upcoming brunch date? Pair your Prana Pant
with the Sereana Dress for that
glamourous, casual, 
just-put-together look.



Soleil Top / Neckerchief

Where to wear: Dinner with friends

For a statement look, use the Soleil
Top for a bold and eye-catching ensemble.



White Haven Top

Where to wear: Afternoon get together

The White Haven Top with the Prana Pant in
navy will create the ideal look for your
next tea party or afternoon gathering.



Samantha Haran

Tengdahl 2017 Highlights

Tengdahl Travel Essentials

Tengdahl Travel Essentials

Vacation season has arrived! That only means one question: what to wear?? Luckily for you, wherever you’re going this year – the city, country, coast or somewhere cold – we have you covered. Trips, travelling and Tengdahl… a perfect trio!


City Break

A trip to an iconic city is a vacation to die for. Think New York, Milan, London, Paris… these places scream sophistication and they scream style. So grab your trendiest, statement pieces for a metropolitan blast!


Days by the seaside, salty breeze and tan lines… what a dream! If you’re heading down to the coast this season, be sure to pack your favourite summer dresses and loose shorts to complement your sun-kissed glow!


Did someone say ski trip? Puffer jackets, delicate cardigans, body hugging dresses, tall boots and an affinity for layers… effortless winter style!



Some of us prefer a more laid-back holiday season, so the countryside may be your choice of location. We love bright, flowy, printed pieces… eye catching and vibrant. Add in a few country classics such as a suede vest and leather boots for that extra touch of rodeo glam!



With December fast approaching, festive season is filtering in like the rays of the summer sun. Christmas, New Years and so much more – this eventful time of year calls for the chance to revitalize your wardrobe with all the celebratory essentials. Not sure what to wear? Keep reading for our favourite looks, perfect for all your upcoming office, barbeque and dinner parties.


Office parties mean elegance with a touch of fun,

pair some block-coloured pants with the Jemma Cami 

or the Black Pearl Cami. Accessorize with rose gold

heels and statement earrings to match. 

Another festive season favourite is the Christmas barbeque,

the perfect occasion for a flirty dress and chic flats!

We love our Gabriella Dress for a beachside vibe,

or our best selling shirt maker dress the Sereana Maxi in cool navy.

Dinner parties are a more formal occasion, think

the Sheer Overlay Top and the Magic Fantasha Maxi.

Silver statement jewels are the perfect match to create

that aura of class.


Samantha Haran

Trending for Summer


Look to Tengdahl for your style inspiration this season! Embrace all white outfits , staple scarves and unique dark floral prints for runway style!


Shop the Angel Collection: Here


Shop scarves: here


Shop the Wave Collection: here


Shop dark floral pieces: here


Samantha Haran

Day to Night: 'Fantasha' Dress, Two Ways!


Julie’s pick of the month is the Wave Collection’s signature piece - the Fantasha dress. This dress is not only timeless, but extremely versatile - keep reading to find out 2 of our favourite ways to style it, perfect it for day and night!



The water-ripple aesthetics of Fantasha makes it
the perfect piece to wear under the sun. For a
glamourous spring-time look, pair the dress
with simple crossover slide sandals, and angelic
gold earrings. Add in some pearls for that extra
touch of elegance.





When night falls, it’s time to bring out those
attention-stealing statement accessories. Think
bright, bold, beautiful and dangerous. Create an
electric contrast by pairing your gorgeous
Fantasha with ruby red jewellery and stunning
red killer-heels, reminiscent of Old Hollywood,
but perfect for the new age.


 Samantha Haran




Spring Racing in Style

It’s that time again! Late October means that spring racing season is about to flood in once again, reviving our spirits in time for the end
of another glamourous year.  Think flowing dresses,  decadent millenary,  glasses of champagne and light chatter reverberating through
the open  air  –  no wonder  it generates such a buzz.  But,  of course,  as with any  such dazzling event,  comes the  age old question –
what to wear?  And that is  where we come in!  Take a look at our  racing dress code guide  below for a delicate infusion of tradition and
trend that will ensure another spectacular season of fashions on the field.


The most  elegant and traditional  day is the  kick-start of the season –  Derby Day.  There  is  big money  to be won,  and chic elegance
dominates both on and off the field.  The monochrome code is strictly adhered too  –  there is no place for colour, and no place for prints.
Look for a bold black or bold white piece, or perhaps a two-piece combination of both – just because there's no vibrance, does not mean
you should not  make a statement!  Pair the  outfit  of your choosing  with  accessories that  bring out  an aura of class;  we’re  thinking a
classic black headpiece, decorated high heels and decadent jewellery. 




It’s the race that stops the nation  –  so think bold, eccentric, expressive, and, above all, think statement!  This is  the day to bring out those
vivacious hues and  that  show-stopping fascinators. Completing your outfit with accessories that add strong contrast will create the perfect
look for the most iconic and luxurious day of the season






Affectionately known as  Ladies’ Day,  Oaks Day is when  the feminity blooms.  Pastels and silk chiffon, flora and vintage flair, soft pastels and
muted hues  –  it is all about expression.  Stun the crowd is a flowing floral piece,  accessorized with rose gold and pearls,  and millinery of the
most feminine class. 



Samantha Haran

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