The Story

The Journey

Arriving late into Casablanca by bus from Marrakech gave this alluring city a smoky, magical, mysterious feeling.
The famous black and white movie “Casablanca “ kept rolling through my thoughts, with images of Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman etched in my mind. 
The architecture is a blend of European Art Deco and Moorish style, with one of the largest Mosque’s I have ever seen standing proud, shining its light towards Mecca.
I was in Casablanca to help a dear girlfriend pack up her family’s apartment and provide emotional strength and support in a time of grief. Not thinking for a minute this experience would be my inspiration for the ‘finale’ of my Moroccan journey collection.
Every day I packed, cleaned, sorted photographs and listened to stories of the glamorous life of an amazing woman I did not know, but fell in love with - her incredible life, impeccable style and ‘joie de vivre’.
Each night I would then go back to my room with a view of the grand Hassan mosque, admiring the star light shining from the minaret tower while decompressing the day’s events. Quiet time to think about how I could design the fabrics and styles to represent my emotional experience in this amazing city that has been caught in time between the 1930’s and the present.

The Vision

Smoke coloured silks, linens, french tulle laces and cotton black tassel trims have been designed to create a sense of timeless mystery. Moroccan printed star lycra reflect the nights I gazed at the beautiful mosque.
As I flew out of Casablanca, leaving the past behind, I couldn’t help but remember that heart aching song, ‘As time goes by’ from the movie, confident in the knowledge the collection would represent my thoughts and experiences.

'Casablanca Jumpsuit' $699 

'Smoke Debra-Anne Maxi' Contact for further details 


'Smoke Safi Dress' $799 


'Smoke Long Fatima Kimono' $529  'Stars Maillot Bodysuit' $199

'Smoke Layla Top' $459

 'Smoke Jasmin Dress' $529  'Smoke Silk Slim Scarf' $89

'Stars Printed Slip' $359 Also available in maxi length $399  'Black Classic Short Sleeve Tee' $139  Vintage Denim Jacket

'Smoke Layla Maxi' $859 'Black Maillot Bodysuit' $199

'Black Maillot Bodysuit' $199  'Black Tulle Wrap' $99 

'Black J'Adore Lace Skirt' $959

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