The Story

“Genius" is a fusion of the East, the West and the heart, inspired by Rumi, Picasso and ancient Indian spiritual tradition – this collection will elevate the heart and soul of the wearer.

The Journey

The inspiration for the collection took me on a journey which started back in September 2018 while I was researching the famous impressionist painter Picasso. I was inspired by his use of colour, texture, block work and the sheer magnitude of his work. I was watching a mini series on Picasso and it was called GENIUS... It was one of those "aha!" moments and I started developing the first print.

The second inspiration came to me while I was in India studying Hindu philosophy and meditation and I became aware of the 12th century mystic, Rumi and his beautiful poetry.

Rumi devoted his life to love, beauty, kindness and service. He created hundreds of poems on these topics which are just as relevant today as they were 900 years ago. The more I read his work the more I fall in love with his philosophies.


The Vision

The essence of this collection is the genius of both Picasso and Rumi, and their purpose and devotion to love and beauty. I believe there is genius in each one of us when we tap into the heart space of love, positive frequency and non-judgment.

This collection invites creativity, connection and community through seven signature prints.


Heart Garden

This print was inspired by Rumi’s poetry. We are the garden, and the body is the garden of our soul.




Aprana means breathing out, surrendering and letting go. This was inspired when I was in India doing a 7 Chakra meditation. The magic was in finding the balance between breathing in and breathing out. The lower chakras work with Aprana and the higher chakras work with Prana.

“I become empty, so I can become full” - the act of breathing.




Inspired by Picasso, the genius artist. The print is a contrast of light and dark green colours, which in the Hindu philosophies is the colour of the heart.




This fabric in silk and ivory is a representation of the heavens. We find divine guidance in this space.





The different heart shapes and heart colours represent our community in diversity, vibrating together in happiness. 



Happy Hearts

The child-like drawings of hearts represent the child in all of us. This fabric is happy, joyful, colourful and fun. 



Del Mehr

These two words mean 'heart & 'love' in Persian. Inspired by Rumi, the heart appears in the centre of a rainbow. When we look at this fabric we can look at life through the eyes of the heart – we can look at life through rose-coloured glasses. 


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