The Story


Underwater Garden

The pulsing movement of the sea
Mother Nature's underwater garden
Perfecting life so completely
Magical blessing and abundance everywhere
Opening up our eyes
And living life with blissful simplicity
(Written on a sandy beach in Fiji's pure North).


'Magic Sequin Bandeau' $229 'Magic Palazzo Pants' $529



  'Tarlae Dress' $350 'Magic Sarong Skirt' $429

 The Journey

"Staying in a remote part of Fiji's third largest
island Vanua levu, near the township of Savusavu,
I experienced diving in the magical underworld
of rainbow and black magic reef. It was the
perfect environment to create this magical
collection of unique geometrical and botanical
floral prints inspired by the rare black coral,
the pearl farms and the mutability of
this unique fascinating underwater garden..."



"When I first laid eyes on the original fabric strike offs, I got goose bumps. I knew this was going to be a special collection. It was decided back in Fiji that I would call the collection "Magic", as a tribute to the black magic reef from where the inspiration first came."




'Marbelle Top' $429 


The Vision

"My vision and wishes when designing this sustainable beautifully crafted collection was for the wearer to feel and experience the underwater garden of Fijian Magic."



'Waterfall Jacket' $350'Lilieta Top' $429



'Magic Midi Dress' $729'Tarlae Dress' $350







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