The Story

The Journey

Marrakesh is a true creative vortex, inventively chic and a city of soulful beauty.
An oasis nestled between the Altas Mountains and the Sahara Desert, it was the perfect inspiration I needed to create this next collection. 


The Vision

The signature prints called ‘Marrakesh’ and ‘Sahara’ are a collage of Moroccan colours and tile formations collected and admired on my journey around the mythical countryside.



'Salma Peace Dress' $899 



'Mecca Maxi Dress' $499 'Moroccan Tri Scarf'$299  





'Moroccan Long Slip' $399 'Thin Plait Belt' $89 



'Moroccan Poncho' $489 'Red Linen Shorts' $329



'Rehana Dress' $629 'Farah Dress' $629 'Katelyn Slip Dress' $399 



'Soraya Jewel Maxi Dress' $799 'Moroccan Tri Scarf' $299


'Amira Blouse Silk Crepe' $459 'Marilyn Jean' $399

'Moroccan Stars Skirt' $659 'Moroccan Maillot Bodysuit' $199






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