The Story



"Summer breeze makes me feel fine
Blowing through the Jasmine in my mind"

The Journey

The navy floral print arrived only a few Fridays ago. We all took a gasp when opening the rolls of silk, cotton and linen. The print was even better than the strike offs I approved 3 months earlier. We knew then that this range was going to be beautiful...

What’s the look and feel of this limited edition collection?
What designs are going to do it justice?
What is the name worthy of this collection?

Ok... I have the weekend to just chill and be inspired. And to be perfectly honest the first thoughts and ideas for “Summer Breeze" came to me that weekend while sitting in my meditation room. 


The Vision

A jasmine bush growing over a dark brick wall just outside my window was in full bloom and wafting its intoxicating fragrance through my room.
The unmistakable sweet smell lead my mind on a journey of summer love, laughter, music, dancing, friends, family and the joy of celebrating another wonderful year.

The original sound track 'Summer Breeze' by The Isley Brothers kept looping in my mind 


"Sweet days of summer the Jasmine’s in bloom
dressed up and playing her tune.

See the curtains hangin in the window, 

In the evenin’ on Friday night

A little light shinin’ through the window
Lets me know everything is alright."


Done.. the collection will be called Summer Breeze
The designs will be uber feminine, beautifully cool to wear and perfect for long summer days.


'Genevieve Top' $179 



   'Amoria Rose Dress' $459







'Jasmina Dress' $499 'Summer Breeze Signature Slim Scarf' $89


       'Safi Lace Dress' $799 'Summer Breeze Silk Cotton Bias Slip Dress' $299



'Summer Breeze Kimono$529 'Summer Breeze Jumpsuit' $439'Freya White Dress' $429


'Black Maillot$199 'Navy J’Adore Skirt' $959


'Skye Top' $329 'Skye Maxi Skirt' $529'Summer Maxi' $829






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