The Story

The Journey

This collection is not about me or my favourites (even though they are, because of the classic shapes, incredible fit and beautiful fabrics), instead, it is about YOU, and your choices. These are the pieces that my incredibly loyal Tengdahl clients purchase and wear every day. The pieces they choose for that important interview, special occasion and the first items they pack for travelling the globe.


Margarite Jacket $599 Giselle Evening Pant $729

3/4 Sleeve Stripe Top $199 Tiffany Pant $499 



Adele Shirt $359 Josephine Wrap Top $289 Giselle Pant $599 



       Margarite Jacket $925 Adele Crinkle Shirt $359 Giselle Pant $599

The Vision

This collection is about listening, developing, fine tuning and producing all your favourite pieces over 3 decades of designing my brand. Here are a few of those wonderful comments I have the immense pleasure of hearing every day, whether I’m in the shop or out socially...

“ Are you making this dress again? It’s my favourite and I have worn this one out.”

“These wide leg pants fit me like no other. I wear them at least once a week.”

“I love the pockets on this jacket. I hide my business cards there just in case I need to hand one out at a meeting.”

“My husband loves me wearing the wrap knit top… it’s classic and figure flattering at the same time. Is there another colour?”

“What is it about a classic shirt maker dress? I feel so feminine every time I wear it."

“ I always take the the slim line pant and 3/4 sleeve jacket whenever I travel… they’re the first things I pack.”

“My girlfriends say to me, don’t bother buying any other brand. Tengdahl always looks amazing on you…. Is that dress new? Ummmmmm....its 20 years old. Vintage Tengdahl.”

And there are hundreds more...

So, I wanted to say “thank you” to the most amazing women I have the privilege to meet, dress and listen to every day. You are MY inspiration behind this all time ultimate, much-loved, classic collection.  



Star Overlay Top $199 Amira Blouse Tortoiseshell $429 Giselle Pant $729

Adriana Top $359 Evening Camisole Ivory $199


Tiffany Camisole $199 Tiffany Skirt $459Tiffany Jacket $539 Tiffany Pant $499



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