Day to Night: 'Fantasha' Dress, Two Ways!


Julie’s pick of the month is the Wave Collection’s signature piece - the Fantasha dress. This dress is not only timeless, but extremely versatile - keep reading to find out 2 of our favourite ways to style it, perfect it for day and night!



The water-ripple aesthetics of Fantasha makes it
the perfect piece to wear under the sun. For a
glamourous spring-time look, pair the dress
with simple crossover slide sandals, and angelic
gold earrings. Add in some pearls for that extra
touch of elegance.





When night falls, it’s time to bring out those
attention-stealing statement accessories. Think
bright, bold, beautiful and dangerous. Create an
electric contrast by pairing your gorgeous
Fantasha with ruby red jewellery and stunning
red killer-heels, reminiscent of Old Hollywood,
but perfect for the new age.


 Samantha Haran




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