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Our cashmere comes from the White Capra Hircus goats of Inner Mongolia. These animals produce the best and finest cashmere as they withstand the severe temperature fluctuations between night and day. We use only the finest 12-gauge cashmere that has been organically combed without any chemicals and woven to the highest degree. Find out how to care for your cashmere.


Brisbane Cashmere





Linen has so many great qualities, its breathable and highly absorbent nature makes it cool in summer and warm in winter. The fibre comes from the flax plant which results in an incredibly durable and biodegradable textile.



Our Supplier

✓ no irrigation, no GMO, no waste

✓ fibre extraction (scutching) is 100% mechanical

✓ 100% vegetal and vegan fibre

✓ compliance with International Labour Organization





There are so many reasons why we love designing with 100% pure cotton. When cotton is farmed organically it uses far less water to produce than cotton blends and doesn’t contribute any waste to landfill, not only is it a sustainable fibre but cotton is gentle on the skin and easy to care for.   





Silk is a timeless, luxurious fabric that will serve you well into the future. It’s hard to go past its lustre and ability to drape beautifully on the body. At Tengdahl we design with a variety of sustainable silks including, faille, georgette and chiffon that are only dyed naturally making them completely biodegradable.    





You’ll find a lot of our core pieces are made from triacetate, we design with this fabric because of its incredible versatility for holding shape and forming details. Taken care of, these pieces will last a lifetime, the fabric is shrink and wrinkle resistant with a smooth texture and is perfect for everyday wear. 






Tencel is made from renewable raw materials and consists of a cellulose fibre processed from gum trees. Its botanic origin makes it biodegradable and you’ll find your tencel pieces are incredibly durable and will wear beautifully for a long time.   






We love designing with leather for its incredible timelessness that keeps its quality wear after wear. The leather we use is completely natural and very durable, this material has great flexibility for design while holding its shape and strength.  





Where we source our sustainable and ethical suppliers

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