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How to care for your silk


We love our silks and the touch of luxury they bring into our wardrobes so it’s no surprise we want to keep them in great condition to wear everyday. When it comes to delicate fabrics there’s many ways we can take care of them without sending them off to the drycleaners. Just like your precious cashmere pieces there's certain techniques and tricks you can use to maintain your cherished silks.




Treat oil marks & perspiration with a sponge and a drop of shampoo and very gently work into the fabric, avoid rubbing as this can damage the fibres. 

REMEMBER Silk is a natural protein fiber just like you're hair so always use a gentle wash.




Hand Wash & Rinse

We recommend hand washing your silk as it is the most gentle process.

Turn your garment inside out and wash each piece seperately.

Wash in a basin of cold water with a small amount of delicate wash (do not add bleach).

Submerge your garment under the water and gently stir the water by hand. Don't leave to soak as a print may bleed.

Rinse the silk with cool water until the water runs clear. Don’t wring out your garment, just press it in your hands or roll into a towel just like your cashmere and wools.


TIP Half a cup of white vinegar in the water will prevent any bleeding if you are washing a garment with a print.

Julies favourite wash product: Sard Wonder Colour Catcher




Drying your silk

Hang to dry on a dyring rack or hanger out of the direct sunlight.

TIP Because silk naturally breaks away mites, dust and other particles it doesn't need to be washed after every wear. Hang up your silk in a cool dry place after you've worn it and let it air out.




Remove Wrinkles

Use a steamer on a low setting to remove the wrinkles.

The steam function on your iron can also be used to hover over the hanging item without making contact.

Press the garment with your iron if needed, always set to a delicate or wool setting and turn it inside out.


TIP Very lightly spray with water from a spray bottle to release any stubborn crinkles.




How to store

For everyday storage hang silks on soft hangers to prevent them from slipping off, avoid stiff wire hangers.

For long-term storage always clean your items first and place them in your complimentary Tengdahl cotton bag provided with your purchase to keep your garments safe.


PLEASE NOTE Not all silk items can be washed by hand and for the best care must be dry cleaned. Please check with us if you're not sure.




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