The Packing Guide by Julie T

Pack light & clever with these fail-safe packing tips...

The art of packing is a challenging task whether you're a seasoned traveller or planning your first trip. You always start out with a good idea of what you want to take then suddenly you've managed to squeeze in lots of extra pieces. With baggage allowances decreasing and the desire for lengthy holidays increasing, it's important to stay focused and on purpose. Julie's extensive experience in travelling means she's been able to establish her own set of packing rules that allow her more time to enjoy her holiday in style.


Take a closer look at Julie's Top 5 Packing Tips


What's in her luggage?



Classic Camisole BlackClassic T-Shirt StripeAriel Top BlackAdele Linen Shirt White

Adele Linen Shirt Black, Adele Linen Shirt Sky Blue



Wide-Leg Pant White, Chelsea Pant Black, Giselle Pant Tan, Sufi Pant Black



Katherine Dress Black, Audrey Maxi Dress, Poppy Dress Black, Valentina Skirt Amor Fati



Zip Front Jumper Navy, Sufi Emroidered Vest, Poncho Amor FatiTiffany Jacket 



Scarf Sky Blue SilkTriangle Scarf TortoiseshellCashmere Wrap SkyTriangle Scarf Happy Heart



Wide Leather Belt TanRumi Belt Black




Outfit combinations that always work...

Go-To Black & White


Wide-Leg Four Ways

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