Linen Care Guide


How to wash

Linen is easy to care for and can be either hand or machine washed.


Machine wash 

If you are using a washing machine ensure that you’re on the gentle cycle with the spin setting on low. Always wash your linens with similar colours and avoid overloading your machine or your clothing may become tangled or stretched.


Hand wash

You can easily hand wash your linen using a delicate soap. Submerge your garment under the water and gently stir the water by hand.



Drying your linen

Quick to dry

Lay the item flat on a drying rack or hang to dry out of direct sunlight.



Remove Wrinkles

Steamer or iron

Always turn your garment inside out and iron while it’s slightly damp. Keep your steamer or iron on a medium heat setting. Run your iron across the linen until the wrinkles have been smoothed out.



How to store

Everyday storage 

Hang your shirts to stop them wrinkling.


Long-term storage

Always clean before you store them. Place them in your complimentary Tengdahl cotton bag provided with your purchase to keep the bugs out.

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