Day to Night: 'Fantasha' Dress, Two Ways!


Julie’s pick of the month is the Wave Collection’s signature piece - the Fantasha dress. This dress is not only timeless, but extremely versatile - keep reading to find out 2 of our favourite ways to style it, perfect it for day and night!



The water-ripple aesthetics of Fantasha makes it
the perfect piece to wear under the sun. For a
glamourous spring-time look, pair the dress
with simple crossover slide sandals, and angelic
gold earrings. Add in some pearls for that extra
touch of elegance.





When night falls, it’s time to bring out those
attention-stealing statement accessories. Think
bright, bold, beautiful and dangerous. Create an
electric contrast by pairing your gorgeous
Fantasha with ruby red jewellery and stunning
red killer-heels, reminiscent of Old Hollywood,
but perfect for the new age.


 Samantha Haran




Spring Racing in Style

It’s that time again! Late October means that spring racing season is about to flood in once again, reviving our spirits in time for the end
of another glamourous year.  Think flowing dresses,  decadent millenary,  glasses of champagne and light chatter reverberating through
the open  air  –  no wonder  it generates such a buzz.  But,  of course,  as with any  such dazzling event,  comes the  age old question –
what to wear?  And that is  where we come in!  Take a look at our  racing dress code guide  below for a delicate infusion of tradition and
trend that will ensure another spectacular season of fashions on the field.


The most  elegant and traditional  day is the  kick-start of the season –  Derby Day.  There  is  big money  to be won,  and chic elegance
dominates both on and off the field.  The monochrome code is strictly adhered too  –  there is no place for colour, and no place for prints.
Look for a bold black or bold white piece, or perhaps a two-piece combination of both – just because there's no vibrance, does not mean
you should not  make a statement!  Pair the  outfit  of your choosing  with  accessories that  bring out  an aura of class;  we’re  thinking a
classic black headpiece, decorated high heels and decadent jewellery. 




It’s the race that stops the nation  –  so think bold, eccentric, expressive, and, above all, think statement!  This is  the day to bring out those
vivacious hues and  that  show-stopping fascinators. Completing your outfit with accessories that add strong contrast will create the perfect
look for the most iconic and luxurious day of the season






Affectionately known as  Ladies’ Day,  Oaks Day is when  the feminity blooms.  Pastels and silk chiffon, flora and vintage flair, soft pastels and
muted hues  –  it is all about expression.  Stun the crowd is a flowing floral piece,  accessorized with rose gold and pearls,  and millinery of the
most feminine class. 



Samantha Haran

Wave Collection

The first words I wrote on my inspiration board when thinking about this collection were...

GOING WITH THE FLOW                                              











Like most Australians growing up near the beach, weekends and Christmas holidays spent camping along our beautiful coastline has naturally drawn me to have a strong
connection  to  the ocean. I have spent countless hours watching the waves roll onto the beach; body surfing  and beach fishing with  my  parents  are  some  of  my most
blissful memories. Getting lost in the wave, its rolling structure, intensity, expansiveness and  ever changing beauty  inspired me to design this unique collection called

I have named  the exclusive silk chiffon, silk crepe de chine and silk cotton prints, Wave, Lapis Lazuli, Azure and Black Onyx respectively,  to  represent  all  the  varying
shades  of  the  ocean. Super soft linens and cotton voiles provide the grounding colours of sky blue, white, navy and sand. Nautical stripe cotton  knits  with  trims of
printed silk and tassels bring together this beautifully balanced “in the flow” collection.

Julie x



Angel Spring 2017



"These were the first few words I scribed in my journal when I was thinking about the next collection.

Transitioning from one range to another can always be challenging for any designer.  The desire to create an innovative, unique collection that excites my loyal, quality driven clientele, while enticing a whole new generation of clients, is what inspires and motivates me.

 My purpose is always to stay true to the brand’s commitment of sustainable, beautiful to wear, uncomplicated, effortless fashion, using  the highest quality fabrics and craftsmanship.

The inspiration for the "Angel" collection came to me after experiencing damage to our home in the extreme weather conditions of Cyclone Debbie in March of this year.

Twelve hours of horrendously devastating weather, then the next day was perfect blue skies and bright white sunshine.

 Even though we all go through difficult times there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, knowing the storm passes. The importance of staying positive and just getting on with the job gave me another one of life's lessons.

My "Angel" collection is about opening our perceptual horizons to seeing the beauty in ourselves and our surroundings. I wanted to use ultra- soft, natural fibres in this all white collection. The designs are voluminous, spacious and flowing, representing an angel flying and the feeling of freedom when worn."




'Angel' Spring 2017





Underwater Garden


The pulsing movement of the sea

Mother Nature's underwater garden

Perfecting life so completely

Magical blessing and abundance everywhere

Opening up our eyes

And living life with blissful simplicity


(Written on a sandy beach in Fiji's pure North)


"A family holiday to Fiji's pure north was an unexpected inspiration for this collection.

Staying in a remote part of Fiji's third largest island Vanua levu, near the township of Savusavu, I experienced diving in the magical underworld of rainbow and black magic reef. It was the perfect environment to create this magical collection of unique geometrical and botanical floral prints inspired by the rare black coral, the pearl farms and the mutability of this unique fascinating underwater garden.

When I first laid eyes on the original fabric strike offs, I got goose bumps. I knew this was going to be a special collection. It was decided back in Fiji that I would call the collection "Magic", as a tribute to the black magic reef from where the inspiration first came.

My vision and wishes when designing this sustainable beautifully crafted collection was for the wearer to feel and experience the underwater garden of Fijian Magic."




Creating "Magic" with the New Collection




Five Signature Pieces, Two Occasions!

Whether you want something casual, a perfect work outfit or a lovely evening ensemble ‘The Ultimate Essentials’ Collection sees that every piece pairs perfectly with the other. Dress things down during the day and add a little something extra to turn your clothes from day to evening. 

For a day look wear this gorgeous Moss Tweed Bias Mini Skirt (AU $229) with the Classic T-shirt (AU $139) in black and the Stewart Weitzman Manila Menswear Inspired Loafer (AU $795.00). For evening change it up with the 3/4 Sleeve Top (AU $179) in Black, add the Albany Cuff (AU $135) by Harper Lane Jewellery and our elegant Modern Jacket (AU $389) with the Stuart Weitzman The 5050 Boot (AU $1,140) and be ready to turn some heads! 

This stunning Navy Bustier (AU $359) is great for casual or evening looks. For a relaxed day outfit for those lunch or shopping dates, try the bustier with the White Silk Faile Pants (AU $499) and the Stuart Weitzman Twotassels Flat Open Toe Slide (AU $325.00). Transition into the evening by swapping the pants with the sexy Slimline Triacetate Pants (AU $429) in Navy and adding the Navy Slimline Triacetate Jacket (AU $499), the Zara Studs (AU $59) and the super fun Stuart Weitzman Simplemid Glitter Heeled Block Sandal (AU $730.00) for a co-ordinated, classy look perfect for any evening event.  

The Essentials Linen Silk (AU $279) is so versatile! Keep it simple for work with the Classic T-shirt (AU $139) in white paired with the Wide Leg Pant (AU $299) and the classic Stewart Weitzman Nulogopower Block Heel Pump (AU $715.00). This super lightweight wrap will see that you want to wear it day or night! Switch it up with the Maxi Slip Dress (AU $299) in Black and accessorize with the Domenica Earrings (AU $100) and the Stuart Weitzman Myex Slim Strappy Sandal (AU $795.00) for a more glamorous evening look. 

This Classic Wrap Dress (AU $459) in Navy is the perfect outfit for literally any occasion making it easy to transition from work to leisure. For a day look couple this dress with a pair of Stewart Weitzman Nulogopower Block Heel Pump (AU $715.00) and the Cerys Necklace (AU $95). If you fancy this dress for an evening look add the Short Trench Coat (AU $699) in cement and the Zandra Necklace (AU $175) to create an exquisite ensemble. 

Brighten things up with this vibrant Silk Blouse (AU $259) in red! For the perfect work outfit pair the blouse with the Knee Length Bias Skirt (AU $279) and the Stewart Weitzman Manila Menswear Inspired Loafer (AU $795.00). Take this top from day to night by adding the super stylish Crop Leather Jacket (AU $799) and the Slimline Triacetate Pants (AU $429) in Black, the Haven Earrings (AU $95) and the Stewart Weitzman Nulogopower Block Heel Pump (AU $715.00) and you're ready for your night out!

Behind The Ultimate Essentials

Behind The Ultimate Essentials"Secretly I think every fashion designer is designing clothes to express themselves through their creative canvas...The clothes we wear every day express how we feel and how we want to present ourselves to the world. It's our creative voice.

I have been compiling the 'Ultimate Essentials' collection over the last few years.
These are the pieces in my wardrobe I can't live without, they are my absolute favourite shapes, fits and tried and proven looks that work. They are the must have pieces to build the perfect wardrobe, core items, the basis from which we build the rest of our wardrobe. The core essential items from this collection complement our special occasion pieces to shine. It helps to achieve value and longevity from our on-trend pieces.

Using my extensive knowledge in textiles and design over many years, I have researched the best performance high-tech and luxury fabrics from around the world. The shapes are ergonomically balanced, tested on our loyal Tengdahl ambassadors and beautiful to wear. For Ultimate Essentials I wanted to bring in another element. I hand-picked a selection of jewellery to enhacne and reflect the timelessness and simplicity of the collection. 
My purpose and vision for this collection in all of life's craziness was to make life a bit easier, to build a sound wardrobe and to bring trust, integrity and love to what we do here at TENGDAHL and that is to serve you." 

JT x

Behind the Eden

Behind the Eden

Looking for the perfect transitional piece? Here at Tengdahl we embrace transeasonal fashion. We do this by sourcing fine fabrics and unique prints that compliment each other all year round. The ‘Eden Collection’ radiates sophistication and beauty. Each piece can be dressed up or down making it perfect for a morning brunch, a late evening date or the perfect wedding attire.

Sourced from across the globe the luxurious fabrics include lace, silk chiffon and my favourite Italian cotton-lycra tulle. It’s always essential to have that perfect balance of the classic black and white and a signature print. For the print I chose an incredibly sweet floral that features divine yellow and lilac hues and immediately reminded me of the Garden of Eden.

The Jemma Sequin Cami’s are an all time favourite and are embellished with mini sequins adding just that extra bit of luxury! If you want to exude romance and confidence, the ‘Eden Collection’ is certainly for you!


Work Wear

Work Wear Pieces You’ll Love to Wear Everywhere


Only one more week!?

This is probably what you’re thinking as you’re organising the last lot of activities for the kids, or thinking about the book you still want to finish, or maybe you haven’t gotten around to cleaning out that spare room yet. You might be lacking in spirit, as the days grow closer to early starts, peak traffic and organising a wardrobe consisting of more than just your gym tights and whatever shirt you picked out first.

We know it can be tricky deciding on work wear, especially when you’re busy arranging the kids school stationery that you promised yourself you’d organise earlier but never do.

So we thought we’d help you out and show you some of our favourites for starting back at the office. There’s nothing worse than going from comfortable, summer clothes to wearing last season’s trousers and dresses with the zipper always poking into your back. We’re not here to kill your holiday vibes but to keep you inspired while we wait it out til the next holiday.

We’re keeping it relevant by starting the season with some beautiful block colours, climate appropriate fabrics and fresh new shapes.


Japanese Cotton Culotte

These Japanese Cotton Culottes are so fresh for this season and incredibly versatile. You could wear them to beach on the weekend and to the meeting on Monday. Both comfortable and stylish this on-trend purchase comes in black, white and navy.

Saint Germnaine Top

The Saint Germaine is the perfect all-season top and a great way to inspire your wardrobe. You can go from work to the party with this one, with it’s off-the shoulder variation and adjustable draw string. The unique feature of the cotton damask fabric gives this top a more complex weave. If you’re looking for that extra sparkle add the sequin belt to cinch the waist.

Italian Linen Wrap Dress

One item that’s essential for any busy woman is the Italian Linen Wrap Dress. No zips, no buttons and no belts necessary. This century old fabric proves itself to be perfect for those hot Queensland days. It’s feminine, classic and cool.

Cosette Signature Print Wrap Skirt 

Of course no wardrobe is complete without a print! You might feel like you’re still on a boat sipping mimosas but this skirt is definitely appropriate for the city too. What a great piece to pull out of your bag for Friday night drinks. It’s hard to go past this skirt with its incredibly easy care and beautiful colours.


“What I love about living in Australia is our multicultural community and our passion for travel. This 2017 cruise collection and the Cosette signature print was designed with this in mind. 

When I chose the print it reminded me of the French flag and the words liberty, equality and fraternity continued to inspire the collection. The liberty and freedom to travel, the equality in accessibility to beautiful things and fraternity representing our incredible Brisbane community.

In each collection it’s important to have the right balance. The Japanese polished cotton and the cotton embroidery anglaise have given the collection strength and structure and the Cosette silk chiffon and silk-crepe de chine captures the softness and femininity.

There’s more in less.

Hope you enjoy our first collection of the year.”


- Julie T